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Green Processing and Synthesis

Biomass processing into ethanol: pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation, rheology, and mixing
Ultrasound promoted green synthesis of benzofuran substituted thiazolo[3,2-b][1,2,4] triazoles
Valorization of rambutan peel for the synthesis of silver-doped titanium dioxide (Ag/TiO2) nanoparticles
Microwave-assisted preparation of almond shell-based activated carbon for methylene blue adsorption
Microwave roasting of agglomerated flux for submerged-arc welding
Long-term preservation of α-amylase activity in highly concentrated aqueous solutions of imidazolium ionic liquid
Direct conversion of cellulose to α-hydroxy acids (AHAs) over Nb2O5-SiO2-coated magnetic nanoparticles

International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems

Experimental Hydrogen Plant with Metal Hydrides to Store and Generate Electrical Power
Intelligent Energy Management System for PV-Battery-based Microgrids in Future DC Homes
Techniques for a Wind Energy System Integration with an Islanded Microgrid


Energy Harvesting and Systems

Characterization of Real-world Vibration Sources and Application to Nonlinear Vibration Energy Harvesters
A Study on Bandwidth and Performance Limitations of Array Vibration Harvester Configurations

Reviews on Environmental Health

Potential hazards of air pollutant emissions from unconventional oil and natural gas operations on the respiratory health of children and infants
Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas: impact on health and environment
A cautionary approach in transitioning to ‘green’ energy technologies and practices is required


Smart nanophotoics for renewable energy and sustainability
Nanophotonics-enabled smart windows, buildings and wearables

Reviews in Chemical Engineering

Butanol reforming: an overview on recent developments and future aspects
Supercritical water gasification: a patents review
Monolithic substrate support catalyst design considerations for steam methane reforming operation
Modeling of transport phenomena in fixed-bed reactors for the Fischer-Tropsch reaction: a brief literature review
Insight into catalyst deactivation mechanism and suppression techniques in thermocatalytic deoxygenation of bio-oil over zeolites
Current scenario of catalysts for biodiesel production: a critical review
Potential applications of deep eutectic solvents in natural gas sweetening for CO2 capture


Information Technology

A novel approach on the provision of distributed energy resource capabilities
Evolutionary optimization under uncertainty in energy management systems
Integration of battery storage into the German electrical power system
Modeling and optimizing transmission lines with GIS and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

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