Electric Vehicles Mileage Extender Kinetic Energy Storage

Using a kinetic energy storage system in electric vehicles would yield better results than regenerative braking.(De Gruyter) – Although there have been incremental advances in electric vehicle design since their inception, their basic... Read more →

Chemical Energy Storage

The use of regenerative energy in many primary forms leads to the necessity to store grid dimensions for maintaining continuous supply and enabling the replacement of fossil fuel systems. Chemical energy storage is one of the possibilities besides... Read more →

Multilayer Structures for Solar Energy Harvesting Applications

Photovoltaic materials are important in the design of solar cells for solar energy harvesting applications. Until recently the harnessing of solar energy has been performed primarily by silicon-based photovoltaic materials. Limitations in the... Read more →

Solar Cells and Energy Materials

Solar Cells and Energy Materials takes an in-depth look at the basics behind energy, solar energy, as well as future and alternative energy materials. The author presents insights into the current state-of-the-art of solar cells, including:... Read more →
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