A Porous Copper-Based Alloy for a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell

Advancements in porous anode material leads to improved fuel cells. (De Gruyter) – Porous Cu35Ni15Cr is an important material for the production of molten carbonate fuel cells, which represent a promising next-generation technology for... Read more →

Nano- and Microporous Materials Inspired by Nature

Using organisms as inspiration in the design of pore and channel based energy conversion and storage devices. (Xiamen University) – Global demand for clean sources of energy outside of fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas will... Read more →

Chemical Energy Storage

The use of regenerative energy in many primary forms leads to the necessity to store grid dimensions for maintaining continuous supply and enabling the replacement of fossil fuel systems. Chemical energy storage is one of the possibilities besides... Read more →

Energy Solutions Inspired by Nature

During the last decade society demanded to energy providers solutions on production and storage of alternative/green fuels. The market calls for new upstream technological innovations to respond sustainably, efficiently and safely to current... Read more →

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