Magnetic Adsorbent Extraction of Phthalates in Water

(De Gruyter) – Phthalates used in plastic manufacturing and in many plastic water bottles have been recongnized as a hazard due to its endocrine disruption capabilities. Contaminated water, luckily, can be cleaned by solid phase adsorbents,... Read more →

Thermal Energy Harvesting Using Pyroelectric Ceramics

 (De Gruyter) – While energy harvesting systems have drawn increased attention during the previous years most research has focused on mechanical energy harvesting using piezoelectric ceramics. Little is known of the experimental capabilities... Read more →

Polymer Composite-based Leaf Spring Systems for Automotives

(De Gruyter) – In the quest to improve fuel economy in automotives composites have been the way to go combining the reinformcement effect of one material and the lighter properties of the other. Composite-based mono-leaf spring systems... Read more →
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