Characterization of Triboelectric Charge Generation

(De Gruyter) – Triboelectric charging of polymeric materials after repeated contact is of interest in the design of energy harvesting materials. The authors analyzed charge generation between two polymers, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)... Read more →

Jet Fuel from Sugarcane? It’s Not a Flight of Fancy

(The Conversation) – The aviation industry produces 2 percent of global human-induced carbon dioxide emissions. This share may seem relatively small – for perspective, electricity generation and home heating account for more than... Read more →

When Worlds Collide – The Great Rift: Art vs. Science

(Arkitek Scientific) – Art and science are two ways of looking at and interpreting the world. Many today think they are diametrically opposed, but, in fact, are they? In every human civilization since modern man first emerged, two things... Read more →

Polymer Composite-based Leaf Spring Systems for Automotives

(De Gruyter) – In the quest to improve fuel economy in automotives composites have been the way to go combining the reinformcement effect of one material and the lighter properties of the other. Composite-based mono-leaf spring systems... Read more →
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