Green Chemistry in Mineral Processing

(De Gruyter) – The leaching of valuable metals from mineral ores is the basis of several extractive economies around the world, but the strategies employed often need to rely on dangerous compounds such as cyanides. However, “greener”... Read more →

Interview with Gil Quiniones, President and CEO of NYPA

The following are the lightly edited transcripts from an interview by Eric Vettel (President of the American Energy Society) of Gil Quiniones – mechanical engineer, self-proclaimed energy-history nerd, and current president and CEO of... Read more →

Will the World Ever be Ready for Solar Geoengineering?

(C&EN) – Many object to shielding the planet from the sun’s rays by injecting particles into the atmosphere, but a small band of researchers think the approach is worth studying before it’s too late. The first time Frank Keutsch... Read more →

Flaring Tech; Advancing Natural Gas Innovations

Adapted and excerpted from the original article which can be found here in the Bismarck Tribune. (Bismarck Tribune) – Natural gas flaring – for years, it was just the new normal, one of those unavoidable things associated with all... Read more →
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