Today’s Innovation Drives Tomorrows AV

(American Energy Society) – Pundits debate the timing of the current transportation revolution – traditional combustion-fueled piston-driven engine car sales remain strong worldwide, and yet the advent of ride-hailing companies (such... Read more →

A More Sustainable Way to Win Oil from Oil Sands

(Scrivener Publishing) – Continuing advances in renewable (hydro, wind, solar, biobased) energy approaches are expected. Still, fossil fuels are very likely to remain the predominant energy source worldwide for decades to come. Along with... Read more →

Banding Together For Blockchain

Some technologies say, spreadsheets or photo-editing software are valuable in the hands of a single user. Others require buy-in from many users, both partners and competitors, with their value increasing as more parties sign on. (Deloitte) –... Read more →
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