When Worlds Collide – The Great Rift: Art vs. Science

(Arkitek Scientific) – Art and science are two ways of looking at and interpreting the world. Many today think they are diametrically opposed, but, in fact, are they? In every human civilization since modern man first emerged, two things... Read more →

Barriers to Renewable Energy Technologies Development

(Keele University) – Since the beginning of the 21st Century, renewable energy has been a significant area of research amongst scientists. However, despite scientists coming up with practical and convincing technologies on renewable energy,... Read more →


The state of Energy Research from the floor at the EUROMAT 2017 Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. (EUROMAT 2017) – Along the promenade a gentle breeze cools ones face from the warmth of the sun. Looking out from atop the Thessaloniki... Read more →
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