Green Chemistry in Mineral Processing

(De Gruyter) – The leaching of valuable metals from mineral ores is the basis of several extractive economies around the world, but the strategies employed often need to rely on dangerous compounds such as cyanides. However, “greener”... Read more →

Biological Treatment of Woodchip Biomass for use in Biorefineries

(De Gruyter) – Biorefineries offer us a chance to produce relatively low to zero environmental impact chemicals and fuels from waste products. Biowaste is collected from industries and then processesed to be used in a new product. The... Read more →

Magnetic Adsorbent Extraction of Phthalates in Water

(De Gruyter) – Phthalates used in plastic manufacturing and in many plastic water bottles have been recongnized as a hazard due to its endocrine disruption capabilities. Contaminated water, luckily, can be cleaned by solid phase adsorbents,... Read more →

Optimizing Fermentation of Bioethanol with Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast

(De Gruyter) – Bioethanol and biodiesel have been championed as sustainable sources of energy in replacing fossile fuels. Biofuels can be produced from agricultural products and wastes. Bioethanol shows particular promise as it possesses... Read more →
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