A Porous Copper-Based Alloy for a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell

Advancements in porous anode material leads to improved fuel cells. (De Gruyter) – Porous Cu35Ni15Cr is an important material for the production of molten carbonate fuel cells, which represent a promising next-generation technology for... Read more →

Synchrotron Methods for Energy Materials

Curious about how to analyze devices for energy conversion and storage? This book was designed to help beginners quickly become experts in synchrotron based X-ray experiments on electrochemical systems. Investigate organic materials, bio-electronic... Read more →

Energy Solutions Inspired by Nature

During the last decade society demanded to energy providers solutions on production and storage of alternative/green fuels. The market calls for new upstream technological innovations to respond sustainably, efficiently and safely to current... Read more →

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