Complete Energy Democratization Is Coming

(Medium) – Decentralization eventually comes to every industry. Phones used to be regulated by the federal and state government, but with the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the industry was decentralized, and anyone was allowed to create... Read more →

Banding Together For Blockchain

Some technologies say, spreadsheets or photo-editing software are valuable in the hands of a single user. Others require buy-in from many users, both partners and competitors, with their value increasing as more parties sign on. (Deloitte) –... Read more →

How Blockchains are Transforming the Energy Sector

Interest in energy-related blockchains is soaring as the technology opens up new possibilities for solar producers and consumers. (Solarplaza) – Energy players are rushing to grapple with the potential of blockchains as experts warn the... Read more →

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