In Praise of Power

(Science Magazine) – The importance of energy for development is underscored by the United Nations declaration of 2014 to 2024 as the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All. Among the goals is to provide universal access to electricity... Read more →

Jet Fuel from Sugarcane? It’s Not a Flight of Fancy

(The Conversation) – The aviation industry produces 2 percent of global human-induced carbon dioxide emissions. This share may seem relatively small – for perspective, electricity generation and home heating account for more than... Read more →

Influence of Biomass Agitation on Biogas and Methane Production

Agitation of biomass increases prodcution of biogas and methane in batch reactors. (De Gruyter) – Production of biogas and methane from biomass is a way to achieve green fuels and products from traditional organic agricultural waste.... Read more →

Preparation and Characterization of Sorbents from Food Waste

Creating usable products from left over coffee grinds. (De Gruyter) – Food waste is a major global problem, with most biomass winding up in landfills. Organic matter from fruits, vegetables, teas, coffees, etc. can instead be recycled... Read more →
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