Energy Writer of the Year, 2015 – Coral Davenport

Energy Writer of the Year, 2015: AES selects Coral Davenport for her thoughtful and creative use of Twitter to report news about energy and the environment. In recognition of Ms. Davenport’s work, AES is pleased to feature her presentation... Read more →

The Grand Challenge of Biofuels

(Dartmouth) – A robust second-generation biofuels industry based on inedible cellulosic biomass available as wood, grass, and various wastes was widely expected to be in place by now. Anticipated benefits include climate change mitigation... Read more →

Producing Biodiesel Fuel from Vernicia montana Lour. Oil

(De Gruyter) – Biodiesel fuels are fatty acid esters that are combusted for use in engines or heating. Biodiesel fules are produced from vegetable oils or animal fats by chemically reacting lipids with an alcohol. Unfortunately the production... Read more →

Cryo-injury in the Preservation of Algae Stock for Biofuels

(De Gruyter) – Algal biotechnology requires stable, function-fulfilling stock-cultures. Conventionally microalgae and cyanobacteria are transfered to fresh medium and held under controlled environmental conditions. Cryopreservation... Read more →
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