Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis 10.0: Key Findings

The tenth version of the “Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis (LCOE 10.0)”, an in-depth study of Alternative Energy costs compared to conventional generation technologies is completed and summarized. (Lazard) – The central findings of... Read more →

Role of solvent in PMMA Gel Electrolytes for Energy Systems

Analyzing the role of the solvent phase in gel electrolytes for batteries  in order to improve conductivity. (De Gruyter) – Researchers at Brno University aimed to indicate the role of the solvent phase in a gel electrolyte. Ionic mobility... Read more →

Environmental Responsibility at Apple

We’re building the greenest corporate headquarters on the planet. (Apple) – Apple Park in Cupertino is on track to be the largest LEED Platinum–certified office building in North America—and that includes facilities dedicated to... Read more →
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