Parallel Paths: EVs and Oil on the Rise, a Case Study

Electric vehicle sales has exploded in Norway alongside of increasing oil demand. Is it a given that more EVs translate to less demand for oil? The “peak demand” hypothesis is based on a single premise:  that demand for oil will peak as... Read more →

Shale Wars: Oil Prices & Saudi Arabia’s Big Bet

So far it has cost Saudi Arabia something like $200 billion to undertake one of the most expensive experiments of all time. The Saudi government has been draining its massive $2 trillion sovereign wealth fund to cover revenues lost from the... Read more →

Clean Energy’s Dirty Secret

Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems. (The Economist) – Almost 150 years after photovoltaic cells and wind turbines were invented, they still generate only 7% of the world’s electricity. Yet something remarkable is... Read more →

An Internet Inspired Approach to Power Grid Stability

As decentralized renewable energy sources are gaining increased share in the German power grid, it is important to be able to seamlessly integrate them. Distributed solutions based on the topology of the internet may offer flexible capabilities... Read more →
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