Technology Transforms Electric Industry

As today’s global energy markets continue to innovate to support sustainability, technology is playing an important role in advancing the industry for the future. Renewables and distributed generation are becoming more prominent in the energy... Read more →

Advisory Board

Energy Today is delighted to announce the appointment of our Advisory Board Members. Captain James Goudreau: Novartis – Center for Climate and Security: Boston, USA Shannon Yee: Georgia Institute of Technology: Atlanta, USA David Danielson:... Read more →


Biohydrogen is considered one of the most promising energy carriers in the new energy economy. This book presents the latest research results and strategies in the generation, storage, and utilization of biohydrogen. From the Table of Contents: Cyanobacterial... Read more →

Biorefinery: From Biomass to Chemicals and Fuels

This book provides an introduction to the basic science and technologies for the conversion of biomass (terrestrial and aquatic) into chemicals and fuels, as well as an overview of innovations in the field. The entire value chain for converting... Read more →
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