System Hardening: Re-Engineering an Aging Infrastructure

Preparing power systems for the next wave of extreme weather is an ongoing challenge for utilities. While the amorphous ‘smart grid’ and I-O-everything loudly captures the attention of markets, utilities are quietly repurposing, replacing,... Read more →

How Utilities Can Make the Most of Distributed Energy Resources

Integrated planning allows utilities to manage the influx of electricity from rooftop solar panels and other new generation sources. (Bain & Company) – For more than a century, most people plugged their electrical appliances and machines... Read more →

Electric Vehicles Mileage Extender Kinetic Energy Storage

Using a kinetic energy storage system in electric vehicles would yield better results than regenerative braking. (De Gruyter) – Although there have been incremental advances in electric vehicle design since their inception, their basic... Read more →
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