The North Sea’s $100 Billion Decommissioning Challenge

Decommissioning of oil and gas wells is a $100 billion problem—in the North Sea alone. (BCG) – And the bill could double or even triple depending on decisions oil and gas operators make now. Shareholders, employees, suppliers, governments,... Read more →

An Internet Inspired Approach to Power Grid Stability

As decentralized renewable energy sources are gaining increased share in the German power grid, it is important to be able to seamlessly integrate them. Distributed solutions based on the topology of the internet may offer flexible capabilities... Read more →

System Hardening: Re-Engineering an Aging Infrastructure

Preparing power systems for the next wave of extreme weather is an ongoing challenge for utilities. While the amorphous ‘smart grid’ and I-O-everything loudly captures the attention of markets, utilities are quietly repurposing, replacing,... Read more →
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