Could Clean Energy Spark A Mineral Boom?

A new World Bank report released today highlights the potential impacts that the expected continuing boom in low-carbon energy technologies will have on demand for many minerals and metals. ( – Using wind, solar, and energy... Read more →

Yucca Mountain: High Stakes and High Hurdles

The Trump administration may be underestimating the battle it faces in trying to revive plans for a national nuclear waste repository in Nevada. (UtilityDive) – The Trump administration wants to revive Yucca Mountain, the national nuclear... Read more →

Influence of Biomass Agitation on Biogas and Methane Production

Agitation of biomass increases prodcution of biogas and methane in batch reactors.(De Gruyter) – Production of biogas and methane from biomass is a way to achieve green fuels and products from traditional organic agricultural waste.... Read more →

Preparation and Characterization of Sorbents from Food Waste

Creating usable products from left over coffee grinds. (De Gruyter) – Food waste is a major global problem, with most biomass winding up in landfills. Organic matter from fruits, vegetables, teas, coffees, etc. can instead be recycled... Read more →

Zen and the Art of Lighting

The future of lighting is to improve the visual satisfaction of the light emitted from energy efficient bulbs. (UC Davis) – Michael Siminovitch, director of the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis, wasn’t looking for enlightenment... Read more →
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