Nanotechnology Reviews

Nanotechnology Reviews provides a platform for scientists and engineers of all involved disciplines to exchange important recent research on fundamental as well as applied aspects. While expert reviews provide a state of the art assessment... Read more →

10 trends shaping the electric utility industry in 2017

The dawn of the Trump era holds uncertainty for the power sector, but the trends pointing toward a cleaner grid are still very much in play. (UtilitiyDive) – If there’s one hallmark of the power sector at the beginning of 2017, it’s... Read more →

Today’s Innovation Drives Tomorrows AV

(American Energy Society) – Pundits debate the timing of the current transportation revolution – traditional combustion-fueled piston-driven engine car sales remain strong worldwide, and yet the advent of ride-hailing companies (such... Read more →

Improving Oil and Gas Efficiency Through Digital

The Oil and Gas industry is facing intense pressure to improve operational efficiencies as lower oil prices continue to crimp margins. (PwC) – Capital expenditures on exploration has dropped 26% since 2014, which shifts the focus to... Read more →
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