Development of Compliant Thermoelectric Generators

Producing mechanically robust thermoelectric generators. (De Gruyter) – The authors attempted to make a thermoelectric generator (TEG) made of Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3) with good thermoelectric properties but are very brittle. TEG elements... Read more →

Pulling Fuel Out of Thin Air

Nonrenewable fossil fuels give liquid fuels a bad name. But not all liquid fuels are fossil fuels, and fuels don’t have to be dirty. (Arizona State University) – Fuels are considered dirty when they put new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,... Read more →

How Blockchains are Transforming the Energy Sector

Interest in energy-related blockchains is soaring as the technology opens up new possibilities for solar producers and consumers. (Solarplaza) – Energy players are rushing to grapple with the potential of blockchains as experts warn the... Read more →
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