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Welcome to ENERGY TODAY as published by WALTER DE GRUYTER GmbH!


The verdict passed on the 12th May 1998 by the LG Hamburg rules that the inclusion of links also leads to co-responsibility of the material offered via these links. The LG Hamburg has declared that it is only possible to disclaim responsibility by expressly distancing oneself from the contents of the websites.

Energy Today links to third party information providers. Energy Today has no influence on the contents or reliability of the websites of these third party information providers. The following therefore applies to all links:

Energy Today has no influence on the design and contents of third party internet websites. Energy Today therefore expressly distances itself from the material of all third party internet websites, even if the Energy Today website links to these external sites.”

The declaration is valid for all links given on our website and the material of all sites reached via links on the Energy Today website.


User responsibility

  • All Users of the Energy Today website bear sole and exclusive responsibility for content and contributions input by them and for activities undertaken by them. The publisher does not audit user-generated content or other user input prior to its publication in the Internet.
  • All Users bear sole and exclusive responsibility for creation of backup copies of content input by them. This also includes the software used by them. Energy Today accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of data.

Energy Today’s rights

  • Energy Today is entitled to cancel User registrations at any time without stating reasons. Any such cancellation terminates the user’s right to use the services provided by the platform. The publisher can serve notice of cancellation either by letter, by fax or by e-mail.
  • Energy Today is also entitled to delete individual user-generated contributions of parts thereof at any time and at its sole discretion. This applies, in particular, in cases where a user has committed a violation of these conditions for use. In any such case, Energy Today, when becoming aware of the violation, is entitled  and obliged on grounds of its legal responsibility pursuant to the Telemedia Act (TMG) to exclude the user, cancel his registration and to delete content used by or addressed to him. Energy Today is under no obligation to give Users advance warning of deletion of content generated by them.
  • Energy Today is under no obligation to verify accuracy, completeness or legality of user-generated contributions.

Liability, warranty disclaimer 

  • Technical problems: Energy Today is not responsible for technical problems (e.g. line disruptions, power cuts and other problems in the Internet and telecommunications infrastructures) or for other circumstances (e.g. war, strike, floods, restrictions imposed by the state) beyond Energy Today’s control. Nor does it accept any liability whatsoever in cases where the service becomes temporarily unavailable or is discontinued completely. In the event of content defects attributable to the licensee (e.g. printing or text errors or errors of meaning occurring during transmission of copy), the licensee shall indemnify Energy Today against all warranty and compensation claims filed against Energy Today by third parties.
  • Energy Today also recognizes no liability for loss or damage to material input or uploaded by the User, which is attributable to technical circumstances. The User is solely responsible for the backup of information or images.
  • Energy Today takes no responsibility for the copyright or legality of the content and images provided by authors and contributors.

Miscellaneous provisions

Energy Today is entitled to amend these conditions from time to time, e.g. in order to comply with legal or regulatory requirements or following functional changes in our services.

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