Industrial Repair Service: Old-School Solutions to NextGen Problems

(Industrial Repair Service) – We live in an increasingly disposable world: a new cell phone every year, new computers to run updated applications, machinery and appliances designed for planned obsolescence. The practice of discarding equipment is neither responsible nor sustainable and removes all of us from the consequences of our choices. Ours is an increasingly compromised planet, and yet we expect the next generation of technologies to solve every problem every time we replace an aging technology. In search of prescriptive machine-centered solutions, we often forget that the wisest course of action sometimes isn’t to buy or build the next generation of new machinery.

Industrial Repair Service offers a better solution — their people fix stuff. They do things with their hands that the rest of us used to be able to do. They find new life for legacy technologies that still have value. They specialize in repairing old and obsolete industrial electronics, servo motors, and mechanical equipment. Sometimes repair is the best strategy, an ROI that is as profitable as it is responsible and sustainable. We all need companies like Industrial Repair Service to improve bottom-line efficiencies; we don’t need to discard even more equipment into our landfills or oceans.

Jamie Gainyard of Industrial Repair Service

AES appreciates the important work Industrial Repair Service has been providing since 1991. Located seemingly everywhere – Cumming, GA (HQ); Elk Grove, Illinois; Earth City, Missouri; Farmers Branch, Texas; Apache Junction, Arizona … – Industrial Repair Service experts will also make site visits or receive shipped parts in need of repair.  No matter the electronic or mechanical challenge, Industrial Repair Service engineers are veteran techies and warranty specialists who work together to service and repair almost any kind of industrial machinery, model, or manufacturer.  And when they are done with their work, operations always run more smoothly, downtime and overhead are kept to a minimum, and the economic benefits are obvious.


A Look Into A Lab

Every Industrial Repair Service facility is organized into, “clean,” specialized, purposeful labs.  In the “servo motor lab,” you will find a team of experts working on servo and spindle motors. The techs rely on feedback from each other and from the part or technology they are repairing. The “robotics lab” features a trial-and-error setup that yields test results for both immediate purposes and long-term benefits. In the “wind turbine lab” is able to replicate the actual force and conditions of a wind farm, which allows for rigorous testing of electronics, components, and drives. The “mechanical lab” is home to pump experts with a combined 50 years of mechanical experience. The group of technicians have seen virtually every conceivable component at work and know the desired purpose of the end-user, having “experienced it firsthand” from the other side as plant maintenance managers. Tommy Duckworth, “Electronics Lab” Shop Manager explains, “It’s a great feeling when you can take a unit that has otherwise been deemed unrepairable, in most cases from the OEM, and bring it back to life, as a “like-new” or even “better-than-new” condition. We are not just board swappers, we actually troubleshoot down to the problem.”

Tommy Duckworth of Industrial Repair Service

AES applauds the work of Industrial Repair Service – one of our favorite companies – and offers congratulations on the opening of its newest repair facility in Irwindale, (Southern) California. It is perhaps the greatest compliment a company can receive: Industrial Repair Service is a double-bottom-line company that does well by doing good.


All photos are courtesy of Industrial Repair Service.

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