A Decade of Fracking Research: What Have We Learned?

This is the second story in the E&E News “Shale@10” special report. The full series can be found here. (E&E News) — When oil and gas developers began using hydraulic fracturing to tap previously unaccessed sources of fossil... Read more →

Denitrification of Water Using ZnO/Cu Photocatalysts

(De Gruyter) – Groundwater as a potable source is highly succeptible to contamination. Nitrate contamination is one of the main methods for drinking water contamination and results from agricultural activities and urban development.... Read more →

Magnetic Adsorbent Extraction of Phthalates in Water

(De Gruyter) – Phthalates used in plastic manufacturing and in many plastic water bottles have been recongnized as a hazard due to its endocrine disruption capabilities. Contaminated water, luckily, can be cleaned by solid phase adsorbents,... Read more →
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