Magnetic Adsorbent Extraction of Phthalates in Water

(De Gruyter) – Phthalates used in plastic manufacturing and in many plastic water bottles have been recongnized as a hazard due to its endocrine disruption capabilities. Contaminated water, luckily, can be cleaned by solid phase adsorbents, which are porous materials that the contaminant gets attached to.

A magnetic solid adsorbent is an important method for removal of contaminants in waters as the magnetic nature allows the adsorbent to be removed simply by applying a magnetic field. Preparation of magnetic solid adsorbents, however, is time-consuming and energy intensive.

The authors prepared a magnetic solid adsorbent of magnetic iron oxide (Fe3O4, magnetite) coated with silica and functionalized with phenyls concurrently, while at room temperature. The phenyl coating was used in the determination of phthalates in water.

The magnetic solid phase extraction method achieved the pre-concentration factor of 100 with good repeatability. The developed method was also successfully applied to analyze drinking water, mineral water, and lake water with good extraction efficiency and a high degree of precision.

The magnetic adsorbent prepared using the simplified method is comparable with the recently reported adsorbents in extracting selected phthalates in water.


Edited for Content and Length by Dr. Matthew A. Hood.

The  full article can be found at De Gruyter in the journal of Green Processing and Synthesis.

DOI: 10.1515/gps-2017-0171


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