Wind Turbine Airfoils and Blades: Optimization Design Theory

Wind Turbine Airfoils and Blades introduces new ideas in the design of wind turbine airfoils and blades based on functional integral theory and the finite element method, accompanied by results from wind tunnel testing. The authors also discuss the optimization of wind turbine blades as well as results from aerodynamic analysis. This book is suitable for researchers and engineers in aeronautics and can be used by graduate students.

  • Introduces novel ideas on the design and optimization of wind turbine airfoils and blades
  • Illustrates several theoretical methods along with their optimal results

From the Table of Contents:

  • Aerodynamic characteristics of wind turbine airfoils
  • Integrated expressions of wind turbine airfoils
  • Experiments on the wind turbine airfoil and data analysis
  • Aerodynamics of wind turbine rotors and tip-loss corrections
  • Shape optimization of wind turbine blades
  • Analysis of the aeroelastic coupling of wind turbine blades

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