Synchrotron Methods for Energy Materials

Curious about how to analyze devices for energy conversion and storage?

This book was designed to help beginners quickly become experts in synchrotron based X-ray experiments on electrochemical systems.

  • Investigate organic materials, bio-electronic interfaces and devices
  • Covers surface & volume sensitive methods
  • Evaluate chemical energy storage and conversion devices from the atomic & molecular scale
  • Contains numerous examples for the combination of electrochemical experiments with simple and highly complex X-ray scattering and spectroscopy methods

The application of synchrotron radiation and X-ray experiments on electrochemical systems has provided unprecedented insight into the relations between the synthesis, processing, structure, and function of materials and components in devices including batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, and solar cells.

Learn how to analyze batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells at synchrotron X-ray sources.

Selected from the Table of Contents:

  • Molecular Structure and Electronic Structure
  • Crystal Structure and Microstructure
  • Real Space Imaging and Tomography
  • Resonant Methods and Chemical Contrast Variation
  • Surface Sensitive and Volume Sensitive Methods
  • Organic and Bio-Organic Samples
  • Complex Case Studies / Electrochemical In Situ Studies
  • Correlation of Electronic Structure And Conductivity
  • Radiation Damages


Artur Braun has been working across multiple fields related to analysis by sychrotron for more than 20 years. Artur Braun is a physicist from RWTH Aachen.

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