Pyrolysis of Biomass

With the development of societies, fossil energy is no longer the only energy resource, and increasing attention had been paid to alternative energy. Biomass is considered to be one of the alternatives due to efficiency and low cost. This book presents biomass pyrolysis behavior for three main components: Cellulose, Hemicellulose and Lignin, and discusses the influence of mineral salts , zeolite catalysts and metal oxide on their pyrolysis.

  • Presents systematic introduction to biomass pyrolysis behavior
  • Covers main biomass components and their pyrolysis mechanism

From the Table of Contents:

  • Biomass components and characteristics
  • Pyrolysis of Cellulose
  • Pyrolysis of hemicellulose
  • Pyrolysis of Lignin
  • Cross coupling pyrolysis of biomass components
  • Catalytic pyrolysis of biomass components
  • Pyrolysis of biomass

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