Introducing Energy Online!

De Gruyter is proud to launch the new Energy focused Online Reference Energy Online.

Get full access to the topics that interest you across the entire Energy Community. Energy Online is the one-stop-shop for cutting-edge research results, methods, and applications found in topics including natural sciences, engineering, architecture, economics, politics, and more. Energy Online gives you unrestricted access to a compliation of De Gruyter books, journals, and online reference materials that possess an Energy theme. An easy-to-use search function allows you to correlate all the information you want regardless of the source. De Gruyter has even added 3rd party Open Access journal articles to help you acquire as much information as possible all in one location.

Energy Online launches with over 1,550 full entries from 30+ Books and 95 Journals.

Check back often and be on the lookout for the frequent updates planned throughout 2018 that will add content and functions.

Classification of content conveniently parallels the topics of Energy Today:

Conventional Energy
Economics and Policy
Energy Conversion and Storage
Energy Efficiency
Energy Generation and Transmission
Environmental and Health Impact
Renewable Energy

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Dr. Matthew A. Hood is the Managing Editor of and the Editor responsible for Materials Science at De Gruyter. Matthew’s focus areas for the past two years have been related to the fields of Energy, Nanotechnology, and Biomaterials. Matthew is the organizer of Energy Online.

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