Energy Harvesting and Systems

The De Gruyter journal Energy Harvesting and Systems is excited to bring to you the latest energy research!

New Feature: Editor’s Choice Article provides you free access to an important article on Energy Harvesting selected by the editor-in-chief Dr. Michael Lublow of TU Berlin.

Devoted to reporting top-quality theoretical and empirical research across the energy sector Energy Harvesting and Systems publishes reviews and original research in the areas of energy harvesting materials, energy storage materials, conversion, and system design.

Contains up-to-date research on energy topics including:

  • Energy harvesting materials and systems (e.g., piezoelectric, inductive, photovoltaic, electret, electrostatic, triboelectric, microwave and thermoelectric)
  • Li-ion batteries, micro batteries and hybrid supercapacitors
  • Bio-inspired energy generation and conversion
  • Electrochemical storage systems
  • Wind and flow energy systems
  • Computational and theoretical modeling


Energy Harvesting and Systems is excited to receive your online article submissions.

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