Microgrid Architecture Evaluation for Small and Medium Size Industries

(De Gruyter) – The authors address approaches that will eventually allow for the development of microgrids in small and medium sized industries.

Evaluation focused on suitable communication technologies for microgrids and energy sources (including generation and storage units frequently adopted for power supply in small scale distribution grids). The financial limitations of small enterprises were also taken into account.

A case study was presented to observe how a centralized and a decentralized deployment of energy sources affects the performance of a small or medium scale industrial microgrid.

The practical limitations applied to industrial microgrids (e.g., lack of standards in the grid codes, some unfit technological performance and amiss system design) shows that the subject presented by the authors deserves much more research and developments.


Edited for Content and Length by Dr. Matthew A. Hood.

The  full article can be found at De Gruyter in the International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems.

DOI: 10.1515/ijeeps-2017-0174


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