A New Day for Nuclear Advocacy…and Environmentalism?

(The Breakthrough Institute) – A new report acknowledges, as we have long claimed, that shuttered nuclear power plants have reliably been replaced primarily with coal and natural gas fired generation, not renewable energy. Through the... Read more →

On Nuclear Waste, Finland Shows U.S. How It Can Be Done

(The New York Times) – Beneath a forested patch of land on the Gulf of Bothnia, at the bottom of a steep tunnel that winds for three miles through granite bedrock, Finland is getting ready to entomb its nuclear waste. If all goes well,... Read more →

US Nuclear-Power and the Chinese and Russian Challenge

Excerpts and adaptations from the original essay. (Atlantic Council) – Despite the ascendancy of natural gas and renewable energy, nuclear power still plays an important role in the global energy transition, providing about 10 percent... Read more →
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