American Energy Society

The American Energy Society: Why We Do It

There are more than eleven million energy professionals. They come from science and engineering, policy and private investments, industry and academia, media and administration. The sheer size of this audience – as well as the depth of its talent, capital, and inspiration – is a validation of the importance of energy.

There is no single professional association on behalf of energy. Instead, there are countless specialty organizations.

The American Energy Society will be essential to the global energy community and energy professionals everywhere, and will be universally recognized for its support of all professionals and for the advancement of energy.

The American Energy Society: What We Do

The American Energy Society is the world’s only professional association dedicated to the advancement of abundant, affordable and safe energy. We support hundreds of thousands of thought-leaders in all fields of education, business, government, and NGOs in order to address challenges in energy through innovation, collaboration and leadership. Which makes us the largest (and most trusted) energy organization in the world.

The American Energy Society: Why join?

Members in the American Energy Society receive access to the information, support, and resources they need to keep abreast of all developments at the leading edge of energy.

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