Will the World Ever be Ready for Solar Geoengineering?

(C&EN) – Many object to shielding the planet from the sun’s rays by injecting particles into the atmosphere, but a small band of researchers think the approach is worth studying before it’s too late. The first time Frank Keutsch... Read more →

Flaring Tech; Advancing Natural Gas Innovations

Adapted and excerpted from the original article which can be found here in the Bismarck Tribune. (Bismarck Tribune) – Natural gas flaring – for years, it was just the new normal, one of those unavoidable things associated with all... Read more →

Biological Treatment of Woodchip Biomass for use in Biorefineries

(De Gruyter) – Biorefineries offer us a chance to produce relatively low to zero environmental impact chemicals and fuels from waste products. Biowaste is collected from industries and then processesed to be used in a new product. The... Read more →
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