Grid Modernization: Invest Where It Matters Most

Editor’s Note: The following article opens with a general statement about the grid’s infinite appetite for investment and offers a series of reforms that “executives should try to implement.” In light of horrific mismanagement... Read more →

A New Day for Nuclear Advocacy…and Environmentalism?

(The Breakthrough Institute) – A new report acknowledges, as we have long claimed, that shuttered nuclear power plants have reliably been replaced primarily with coal and natural gas fired generation, not renewable energy. Through the... Read more →

Changing Norms, Changing Behaviors

(Stanford University) – How does social change happen? What leads people to overturn status quo? For instance, seat belt use was once a nuisance, but now it’s standard practice. Smoking in restaurants and other public places was once... Read more →

Biodiesel from Cotton Oil

(De Gruyter) – Biodiesel is a promising substitute for petroleum-derived diesel usually obtained by the transesterification method, which consists of a reaction between triglyceride and alcohol and a catalyst. Homogeneous catalysts are... Read more →
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