Cybersecurity for the Energy Sector: Everybody’s War

(Siemens) – There seem to be two main schools of philosophy in the energy business. One sees energy as a service. The other sees energy as a commodity. “I see energy as a commodity.” Jeroen Scheer looks pensive as he puts this out... Read more →

Credit to the Renewables Learning Curve

In 2009, as the debacle of the COP15 Copenhagen Climate Summit was coming to an unproductive close, a handful of diplomats stepped away from the main negotiating tables to discuss practical strategies to scale up renewable energy in the developing... Read more →

Microgrid Architecture Evaluation for Small and Medium Size Industries

(De Gruyter) – The authors address approaches that will eventually allow for the development of microgrids in small and medium sized industries. Evaluation focused on suitable communication technologies for microgrids and energy... Read more →
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